PF Moulding Powder

PF Moulding Powder
Bakelite Powder
Phenolic Molding Compound

We wish to introduce ourselves as a leading manufacturer of P.F.Moulding Powder (Bakelite Powder). All the grades are manufactured under guidance and supervision of highly experienced staff. Stringent quality control enables us to attain and maintain the quality. Though the standard colour for all our Bakelite Powders is Black, we can also supply the above grades of our powders in certain specified colours such as Brown, Red, Green, Blue, etc. We are offering Bakelite Powders (Phenolic Molding Compound) in various grades to suit a variety of applications across diverse industries. With the trend of continuous and steep increases in prices witnessed in the industry, we are committed to offer the various powders from our stable at most attractive and competitive prices while maintaining quality to international standards.

All our Phenolic range of Bakelite Powders is supplied duly packed in 25Kgs & 50Kgs PP-braided bags with Polythene as an inner liner which acts as a moisture barrier.

The Powders are supplied in moisture free condition and should be stored in a dry and cool environment away from fire, heat and sunshine with an ambient temperature not exceeding 350.

Though these powders have a long shelf life, we recommend that they should be consumed within one year for obtaining best results.

All our products are supplied to our esteemed customers after rigorous inspection and testing to ensure compliance to the specified standards.

We are manufacturing various grades for various usages. Some of the usages are below.
1) Electrical Accessories
2) Switchgear and other parts
3) Automobiles Accessories
4) Cookware handles, knob and other parts
5) Textile machinery parts
6)Housing and Casing

We also develop and manufacture tailor made grades for specific needs of the customers.